Linda Cahn to Speak at Specialty Drug Conference

Need to understand why your Specialty Drug costs are spiraling out of control, and what you can do to reverse the trend?

Make sure to register for the World Congress’ Specialty Drug Conference  on September 18th-19th. You can attend “live” in Boston, or register to “stream” seminars to your own venue. Click here to learn more about all courses and speakers. Register by August 11th – using promo code PHARMA – and reduce your costs by $100.

And make sure to attend the seminar given by our own executive director, Linda Cahn, captioned: “Improve Specialty Drug Transparency and Control Specialty Drug Costs”!

Linda Cahn to Speak at Value-Based Contracting Conference

Take a deep dive into how manufacturers and PBMs are attempting to enter into value-based contracting deals. Attend the World Congress’ Conference in Alexandria, Virginia taking place October 23rd-24th. Here’s a copy of the Conference Program. Our Executive Director, Linda Cahn, will be appearing at the final wrap-up session on October 24th!

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Our Coalition Members’ costs continue to fallnot rise – in contrast to the experience of almost every other Plan in the nation!

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