Who We Are

Our Coalition’s Mission is Clear and Unequivocal: To help you provide better – but far less costly – prescription benefit coverage to your employees and their dependents.

We are positioned to achieve our Mission, because we possess unique knowledge about PBMs and the prescription drug industry. During almost a decade of litigating against PBMs, our executive director – Attorney Linda Cahn – gained access to hundreds of thousands of confidential PBM documents and thereby obtained an unparalleled understanding of how PBMs increase their clients’ costs. Our staff of  experts also has decades of combined experience in all aspects of prescription drug coverage. As pharmacists and accountants, they have audited PBMs, counseled clients on implementing savings programs, generated and reviewed MAC pricing lists, created and maintained and analyzed formularies, and negotiated and reviewed drug manufacturer rebate contracts.

Relying on our expertise, the National Prescription Coverage Coalition drafted and negotiated the most aggressive PBM contract terms in the nation. Those contract terms position our Coalition to achieve its Mission. Moreover, our experts’ ongoing work on behalf of all Coalition Members will ensure that we do, because our experts will:

  • Continuously monitor your claims data to identify issues as they are arise;
  • Take advantage of our aggressive contract terms to regularly re-negotiate and improve your drug prices;
  • Keep you abreast of all marketplace developments to ensure you are able to address them; and
  • Verify annually in audits that you have achieved the aggressive pricing guarantees that we have contractually bound your new PBM to provide.

We welcome every corporate, union and municipal Health Plan as a Coalition Member. Join us, and help us achieve our Mission in connection with your own Health Plan’s prescription coverage.