Coalition Member Benefits

Every Coalition Member that joins our Coalition will experience ongoing savings and benefits from the Coalition’s work on behalf of all Coalition Members, including the following free services that we provide to every Coalition Member:

  • A “Set-Up Audit” immediately after each Coalition Member’s implementation – to ensure the PBM accurately inputs the Plan’s Benefit Plan Design
  • Depending on the Coalition Member’s preference, monthly or quarterly in-depth analyses by our experts of a complete set of your prescription claims data, which we have contractually bound the PBM to transmit with every Invoice to your Plan and to our Coalition experts
  • Monthly and quarterly meetings between our experts and the PBM – and our experts and your Plan – to respond to (i) Brand Drugs that lose their patent protection; (ii) new-to-market Specialty Drugs; and (iii) high-cost copy-cat drugs approved by the FDA that need not be covered
  • Regular monitoring of the change in price of every drug, and recommendations concerning certain drugs with dramatic price changes
  • Quarterly review and improvement of each Coalition Member’s already-customized Formulary
  • The ongoing drafting and implementation of customized Prior Authorization and Step Therapy Programs for every Coalition Member
  • Annual audits by our expert auditors to verify the PBM’s satisfaction of contract pricing terms and guarantees
  • Annual meetings between our experts, the PBM and each Coalition Member to recommend improvements
  • Annual renegotiations conducted by our Coalition experts with the PBM to improve the contract’s pricing terms and guarantees to ensure that all terms remain competitive over time
  • Regular and ongoing conference calls and “alerts” from our Coalition experts to inform all Coalition Members of new prescription drug challenges and to enable each Coalition Member to decide how to address those challenges

Your prescription drug coverage is costing your Plan millions of dollars annually. It’s far too expensive to ignore.

Moreover, the drug industry is constantly changing and presenting new challenges that must be addressed, if your prescription coverage costs are to be controlled.

Join the Coalition, and rely on our experts to ensure your Plan is continually protected.