Testimony to Ohio State’s Joint Oversight Committee on Medicaid

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The State of Ohio has taken the lead in exposing – and trying to change – PBMs’ massive profit spreads, and asked our Executive Director, Linda Cahn, to testify about how to do so.

IFEBP Annual Conference

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Joining Audrey Browne, Esq., our Executive Director, Linda Cahn, gave two Presentations captioned “A Case Study in PBM Selection and Contracting,” at the Annual Conference of the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans.

Cahn Speaks in Oklahoma City

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Speaking again before the Southwest Benefits Association in Oklahoma City, our Executive Director provided new insights into decreasing and controlling prescription coverage costs.

Presentation in Dallas Texas

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Stay tuned for excerpts from Linda Cahn’s Presentation to the South West Benefits Association in Dallas, Texas.

Oklahoma Free Market Medical Association

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Watch Linda Cahn’s recent Presentation to the Free Market Medical Association, captioned PBM Rebates & Other PBM Problems.

Testimony Before North Dakota Health Care Reform Committee


Linda Cahn testified before the Joint Committee on Health Care Reform in Bismarck, North Dakota, on May 9, 2018.

Florida Healthcare Coalition Conference

Location: Orlando, FL

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Linda Cahn was the Keynote Speaker at the Florida Healthcare Coalition Conference. Watch her Presentation “Changing the Prescription Coverage Industry” here.