Topic One: PBM Contracts

Download: “Eliminate All PBM Contract Loopholes”

Download:  “How to Dramatically Decrease Your MCO’s Rx Coverage Costs”

Download: Video

Topic Two: Specialty Drugs

Download: “Specialty Drugs: So Special It’s Time To Control Their Costs”

Topic Three: Generic Drugs

Download: “How To Define ‘Brand Drug’ and ‘Generic Drug’ In Your Contract”

Download: “Don’t Get Caught By PBMs’ MAC Mousetraps”

Download: “Don’t Pay Too Much For Generic Fills”

Download: “Focus on the Patent Cliff To Maximize Generic Drug Savings”

Download: Video

Topic Four: Rebates

Download: “Don’t Get Trapped By PBMs’ Rebate Labeling Games”

Download Video Presentation:  “Rebates & Other PBM Problems”

Topic Five: Coupons

Download: “How To Combat Pharma’s Costly Coupon Programs”

Topic Six: Additional Ways to Control & Decrease Your Costs

Download article on Savings Programs:Say ‘Yes‘ to Programs To Control Drug Use”

Download article on Monitoring Your Costs: “When It Comes To New Drugs, If Payers Snooze, They Lose”

Download article Summarizing Methods to Save: “Prescription Coverage Savings: Easy to Find If You Just Look For Them” 

Download article on the Need To Respond To Marketplace Changes: “Don’t Fall Asleep Monitoring Your Rx Coverage: You’ll Wake Up To A Nightmare If You Do”

Topic Seven: Conducting A Successful PBM RFP

Download: “How to Conduct A Successful PBM RFP”

Download: Video – Part I

Download: Video – Part II

Topic Eight: Coalitions

Download: “Do Your Homework to Ensure Savings and Value From Health Care Coalitions”

Topic Nine: Changing the Prescription Coverage Industry

Download: Video Presentation by Linda Cahn to the Florida Health Care Coalition