Quickly Decrease Your Rx Coverage Costs

The National Prescription Coverage Coalition

Can Provide Your Company With A

Quick & Comprehensive Solution To Your Soaring Rx Coverage Costs

Your company’s prescription coverage costs are a function of one thing and one thing only: The terms of your PBM or insurance company contract. Dramatically change the contract, and you’ll dramatically change your costs.

Our Coalition has already negotiated the strongest PBM contract in the nation. Without incurring any RFP costs – or any further delay – you can join the Coalition and immediately take advantage of dramatically better PBM contract terms.

Think we’re just boasting? Compare our contract terms with your current contract terms – or those offered by any other consulting firm or Coalition – and you’ll see we’re not. Click here & learn more.

Our Coalition also provides ongoing services from the nation’s leading experts in prescription coverage issues. For a small monthly fee – undoubtedly less than a single, high-cost drug unnecessarily dispensed by your PBM – our experts will regularly monitor your claims data, take advantage of the Coalition’s unique contract terms and continuously decrease your drug costs and improve your savings programs, and conduct a free year-end audit as well. Click here & learn more.   

Contact our experts, and we’ll analyze your current contract, explain why your costs are so high, and tell you exactly what you need to do to lower them. No obligations whatsoever. Call 973-885-3664.